Women Health Care Executives (WHCE) offers membership opportunities for professionals and students.  Any woman who is pursuing a career in healthcare, and who meets the qualifications for one of the three membership categories listed below, is eligible to be a member of Women Health Care Executives, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
Being a WHCE member includes many benefits such as early access or discounts to programs and events, curated programs including mentorship, networking opportunities, and a members-only Slack workspace.

Please go to Join Now and complete the online registration form. We look forward to welcoming you as a new member!

WHCE Membership - 1 year $125.00, 2 years $200.00

To qualify as a WHCE Member, an individual must:

  1. hold a full-time, part-time, or consulting position in a health-related organization, or
  2. be a faculty member of an academic program in a discipline related to the purpose of WHCE, or
  3. be actively pursuing a position in a health-related organization.

The WHCE Board of Directors may approve for membership an individual who does not meet these criteria but who, in the Board’s opinion, will make a unique and significant contribution to the purpose of WHCE.

WHCE Student Membership - 1 year $60.00

To qualify as a Student Member, an individual must be a full-time student in a program in hospital and healthcare administration, or another discipline related to the purpose of WHCE.

An individual may not join or continue as a Student Member if she/he qualifies for standard membership.

Honorary Life Member

Upon majority vote of the WHCE Board of Directors, Honorary Life Membership may be conferred on an individual in recognition of outstanding service to WHCE and/or to the healthcare field.